The 5 Best Woods For An Outdoor Shower

Wood is one of our most valuable natural resources and it should not be wasted.

Beyond making nice cuts with something like a wood router (see here what a wood router does), if you are thinking of using wood to enclose your outdoor shower, you need to be very careful about which type of wood to use.

In this article, I give five of the best woods to use for an outdoor shower.

1. Cedar

Cedar is light, soft and easy to work with. It shapes up to be one of the most suitable woods for an outdoor shower because of its resistance to rot and most insects.

The major drawback of cedar is its overall softness. However, the wood can last for years without any need for treatment or maintenance.

2. Redwood

Redwood is another commonly used wood for outdoor activities due to its natural resistance to moisture and insects.

Redwood cuts very nicely and can create a beautiful outdoor shower enclosure.

3. Teak

Teak is one of the woods whose amazing durability you can be sure of.

Teak is highly resistant to rot, straight and reasonably dense, making it a perfect outdoor wood. Teak wood also contains natural oils that make it water repellent and resistant to insects.

Compared to other outdoor woods, teak is on the expensive side, but it's worth it.

4. Cypress

This is another wood that should come to your mind if you are thinking of an outdoor project. Like teak and other woods, cypress has natural oils that make it resistant to rot, water and insects.

Cypress comes in various colors which may be dark brown, reddish or light yellow-brown.

Besides being a softwood, cypress still makes a great choice for an outdoor project.

5. Acacia

Acacia is a thick, strong hardwood with enough natural oil to make it resistant to water, rot, and insects.

Being one of the most durable woods, acacia has been in top consideration for outdoor projects.

It is advisable to keep acacia woods off the ground and grass as they have a tendency to absorb moisture.

Final Thoughts

The woods listed above make excellent choices for an outdoor shower and other outdoor projects. With that said, I recommend that you talk to an expert before you start your project.

I hope that this article has been of help to you as you look towards enclosing your outdoor shower.

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